Mark Sheinkman at Von Lintel Gallery

Mark Sheinkman New Paintings 2019
Von Lintel Gallery, Los Angeles
through October 12

On September 7th, Von Lintel Gallery opened its first solo show after moving recently to its new location in the Bendix Building, one of the art hubs of Downtown Los Angeles. This is the 13th solo exhibition for the artist, Mark Sheinkman, who has had a 22-year history with the gallery. Born in New York, Mr. Sheinkman still lives and works in the city that most certainly galvanizes his artwork.

The paintings in the show range from small (18” x 14”) to large (52” x 72”), but all have an equally strong impact. The energy present in the room is almost tangible. As the oil lines dance, and twist, and interlace into some complex dynamic configurations, they seem to exist in the spaces between the off-white surfaces of the paintings’ backgrounds and us, the viewers.

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Artist Profile: Gwen Samuels

When Gwen Samuels created a realistic sculpture of a ram’s head, she was very excited. According to the artist, the result was “an excellent copy.” Proudly, she showed it to a good friend who unenthusiastically said, “Well, if that’s the way you want to go…” Luckily, this friend knew Gwen very well and understood what made her unique. Gwen went back to work. She cut the sculpture, added a few details, now her ram had its own personality. “It had this amazing neck piece. The horns were going in crazy directions. That’s ME! No one can copy that.”

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Kacper Kowalski at Galerie XII Los Angeles

A new gallery has just opened its doors on Miracle Mile sharing the courtyard with Praz-Delavallade and 1301 PE Projects and Editions. Los Angeles outpost of Galerie Photo 12, Paris officially opened on December 1 with a solo show of Kacper Kowalski introducing the Polish aerial photographer to the West Coast audience.

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Angelica Bergamini sings her universe into existence

It is a busy time for Brooklyn-based Italian artist Angelica Bergamini – she is preparing for her second solo show “Whispers” at the Ivy Brown Gallery. The exhibition that opens on May 8th will present 3 new series of her work.

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Artevo, Art for Crypto and other projects by Finnish artist Vesa Kivinen

Finnish visual artist and filmmaker Vesa Kivinen was told early on that he had no aptitude for painting. That seemingly innocuous remark by his school art teacher had affected Vesa for years, “I was stuck to creating with just about everything but painting.” He studied filmmaking and went on to work in that field for several years until certain turns on his life journey led him to realize where his true gifts were and he followed that direction. With much success.

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Snow Dollkinson: Art that Blossoms from The Heart

Every time I look at Snow Dollkinson what comes to mind is the staple description of a fairy tale fairest maiden – her lips are like rose petals, her eyes are bluer than sapphires, her skin is white like snow. Are you surprised to hear she is a model? And a very good one because looking at any photograph of her, you always see a different image – the same person, but another aspect of her personality, a new palette of emotions. And I feel privileged because over the course of last year I got to know the real Snow Dollkinson, who is a humble, intelligent, and soft-spoken young woman, and her kind, caring nature permeates her artwork.
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HONUA, Jeremy Silva recreates all the amazing natural beauty of Hawaii in his artwork

He was hyperventilating, being underwater and thinking of how far out from the coast they were. His friend took his hand and nodded to look down. Jeremy saw the ground and tried to calm himself down. Suddenly, realization that “the ground” was moving closer brought another wave of panic. They were whale watching, and the whale was watching them. She came up, a female Humpback whale, and just like them, she “stood” there with her head up and tail down just a few feet away. How do you look someone in the eye, when the eye is bigger that your head? Jeremy should have felt terror. Instead, he felt that calmness enveloped him. He felt connected, knowing that this colossal animal, the ocean, himself are one. And looking at his artwork, I feel this connection, too.

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